Welcome to the website of Birgit Irgang, degree-certified translator. I am a native German speaker and have worked full-time for about twenty years as a freelancer for various publishers, agencies and private customers.

My working languages are English, French and Spanish. For the latter two languages, I would be happy to provide new customers with certified translations of records and official documents.

My work focuses on translating a text accurately into German, both in terms of the language and the content. For translations into Spanish, French and English, I use the principle of double verification, in that I collaborate with native-speaking colleagues. In addition to books and collected editions, I also translate short texts and individual documents.

My areas of expertise include classical music, board and card games, escape books and games, nutrition and cooking, self-help and health, hobbies and collecting, travel, biographies and certified translations. In addition, I am always happy to work with a new subject. A thematically-organized selection of works I have translated may be found on the German version of my home page (see the menu item “Übersetzte Werke”). Under the menu item “Referenzen” you can find a list of publishers and clients with whom I have worked.

For inquiries and translation needs, please contact me via e-mail (kontakt@uebersetzungen-bilingua.de), telephone (+49/6421/992810) or Skype (birgang). I would be happy to assist you with advice and support.